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Dive into a wealth of knowledge with live streaming from operation rooms, engaging KOL sessions, and technical learning opportunities.

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Charing Knowledge


Live Streaming from Operation


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About Academy Solution

Marvision Academy is E-Learning Platform for Ophthalmic Surgeons, Specialized in Work Techniques and medical devices.

Marvision Academy

  • KOL Key opinion Leader
  • Surgeon attendee
  • Virtual Q&A
  • From Operation Room Techniques

KOL Types

  • Ophthalmic Surgeons worldwide
  • Manufactures Leaders of New Technology
  • Nurses with Highly Career path
  • Medical Teams in ophthalmic sector

Benefit from Academy solution

We Communicate  all the Nerves for a better view to your career path


International Key Opinion Surgeons


Technical Learning Sessions


Master "the A Star" technique


From the OR to your Desktop

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